Enrollment and Tuition Schedule

Our child care fees are determined on a full or half day basis. We ask that families enroll for at least two days per week. Our current preschool rate is $44 for a full day and $30 for a half day (half days are 5 hours or less). Toddler rates are $47 for a full day and $33 for a half. Infant rates are $49 for a full day and $35 for a half. These fees are subject to annual review by the board of directors of the center. Any fee increases will be given with a one month notice. Our program also accepts vouchers and the hill town child care subsidy grant for families that qualify for this tuition assistance.

The enrollment process includes a visit and enrollment forms. We ask that you bring your child for at least one visit to our program to meet our teachers and become familiar with our center. Once you are comfortable with your choice of our program for your child, we ask that you fill out enrollment forms. our enrollment forms will give us contact information, emergency and general permissions, as well as developmental information about your child. We also require proof from your child's physician of a recent medical exam and immunizations. There is no deposit required for enrollment