Infant/Toddler Program

Davenport’s infant-toddler staff provides the nurturing care each child needs while promoting muscle development, socialization and self-help skills with a child-centered curriculum.

Our daily routine includes age-appropriate toys and activities and lots of free play and outside time.  Activities encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills along with hand-eye coordination.  Each activity is introduced in a way that appeals to a child’s natural  curiosity.

We are flexible in implementing the daily activities to follow the individual needs of each child.

Preschool Program

Davenport’s preschool program encourages a child’s natural curiosity to explore the world.  We make learning fun and attractive; we promote a desire to learn  for years to come.  Our program offers children lots of free play, use of  learning centers, and small group activities that promote skills needed in the future for learning. We emphasize constructivist learning through social experiences, literacy and self help skills. Through socialization and personal experience, our children become members of our community and help one another grow and learn.

Special Programs

  • Child-centered, emergent curriculum.
  • weekly walking trips to our local public library
  • weekly yoga instruction by a certified Kripalu yoga instructor
  • weekly music instruction by a certified music teacher
  • Offering part day and full day programs, flexible to meet each family's unique needs.
  • Accepting Tuition assistance grants from Hilltown Childcare Subsidy Program for qualifying families in participating communities.
  • We accept child care vouchers  for tuition assistance for qualifying families.